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Special Education Advocacy


Miller Advocacy Group represents children with disabilities and learning differences in the special education process. We offer academic counseling, high school transition planning for post secondary options, including college, and vocational coaching.

Christine Garrison-Kordower, MFT


Being diagnosed with autism, developmental disorders, or other behavioral disorders brings a unique set of challenges to the individuals diagnosed as well as to the parents and siblings of that individual. I provide support and guidance for the children/adolescents and their families.

I offer the following services:
-Parent Education
-Parenting support and guidance
-Sibling support
-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
-In-Home Concierge Services

New Vista School


New Vista School is a 501(c)(3), WASC accredited independent school serving the needs of students with ASD in grades 6-12 and beyond. Our mission is to provide a structured, safe environment of academic, social, and transition skills instruction for students within the autism community that prepare them for success in life. Students benefit from participation in clubs, Venture Crew scouting, drama, and career pathways STEM courses, with dual credit college courses for upper grades.

Autism Webinars from Children’s Hospital L.A. & University of Southern CA

You can access archived webinars presented by professional autism service providers on many topics by going to  this website

ABA Therapy/Behavior Therapy Maxim Healthcare Services


Maxim Healthcare would like to introduce ourselves & share with you our home-based Applied Behavior Analysis/positive behavior support services. The need for Applied Behavior Analysis is huge, & we are happy to be able to provide these services to the community. We are officially accepting new clients, & accept a variety of funding options. We have a staff of well-trained BCBAs & Behavior Technicians. Our services offer customized levels of support and training. Please contact us 714-542-2400.



Crescent Clinic Nonprofit offers FREE healthcare
FRI & SAT – DAYTIME Appointments ONLY.
Disability related counseling available Thursday evenings and Friday.
Parent group therapy will start on Thursday evenings in January. Appt or more info at 714-399-4572 or


Asperger Experts

Asperger Experts is based in Seattle, Washington, where they “enliven, empower and educate people with Asperger’s, their parents, and other members of the Autism community.”

The team at Asperger Experts is made up of a diverse range of parents, people with Asperger’s and NT folks.  Courses, webinars and family support groups are available.

Spectrum Success: Job Training Program

Local At Spectrum Success we use assessments to evaluate your strengths and interests to determine what career is the right fit for you.You will then have the opportunity to join our training program, which will provide training in social and communication skills needed to thrive in the workplace, and personal skills needed to support an independent life style. For a chance to be accepted into our pilot program, which begins in March, please contact Sneha Mathur at

Socials for Adults (16 and Up) with Autism & Their Caregivers


The Grandparent Autism Network, the Family Autism Network program, California State University Fullerton Center for Autism, the University of California Irvine and Chapman University collaborate to host cost-free Socials on each campus during the academic year. Students from all 3 universities volunteer at each event and faculty members and professional autism service providers attend to increase support for caregivers and students during the events. Information and registration for these socials are available online.

Colleges and universities everywhere can partner with community nonprofit or philanthropic groups to increase resources for underserved adults with autism and caregivers.   Socials provide new opportunities for community integration, especially for transition age youth, older adults and caregivers in the autism community.  Additional information about how to plan and host socials is available here

UCLA Treatment Study for Youth with Autism and Anxiety

Local Children ages 8-13 who have ASD and significant anxiety, shyness, or worry are encouraged to participate in a free trial of cognitive behavioral therapy. If qualified, families will receive individual therapy weekly for 16 weeks at UCLA. This study ends June 17, 2016. Parents of potentially eligible children will be screened over the phone; this will last approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Children selected for the study will have approximately a 90% chance of being assigned to participate in one of two therapy programs. One program is a standard cognitive behavioral therapy program, which has been established as the gold standard for treating anxiety in youth without ASD. The other program is based on a modified cognitive- behavioral therapy program that has been developed for children with ASD. There is approximately a 10% chance of being placed on a waitlist for 16 weeks (you are allowed to participate in any other treatment while on the waitlist) followed by your choice for inclusion in either the standard or modified cognitive behavioral therapy. Participants are required to maintain a stable medication regimen during participation (if they are already taking medication). Treatment sessions are held throughout the week and scheduled on an individual basis with the participating family and their assigned therapist. Interested families should contact us at 310-882-0537 or at