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Crescent Clinic Nonprofit offers FREE healthcare
FRI & SAT – DAYTIME Appointments ONLY.
Disability related counseling available Thursday evenings and Friday.
Parent group therapy will start on Thursday evenings in January. Appt or more info at 714-399-4572 or


Surfers Healing

Surfers Healing is the original surf camp for children with autism, and we’ve been serving the community since 1996. Yet what we offer isn’t a ‘cure’, or even ‘traditional’ therapy. It’s a completely different sensation and environment for our participants. We give individuals a chance to encounter the waves, to challenge themselves, to try something new. And since 1 in every 68 US children has an ASD (CDC report, March 2014), our work is more vital than ever.

Our biggest challenge? Getting kids to come out of the water! Once they ride with us, they don’t want to stop. Attending our camps positively impacts children with autism; the experience helps instill confidence and calm. Yet over the years we’ve seen that Surfers Healing also has a profound impact on parents. Autism parents are always hearing about what their children cannot do. But at a Surfers Healing camp, it’s all about what their kids can do.

We’re based in Southern California, but we offer camps across the country, as well as in Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Our camps provide an relaxed, accepting, and welcoming environment – the perfect space in which to risk and grow.

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Swim Lessons for Children & Adults with Special Needs


Our adult instructors are experienced in teaching special needs swimmers and our small, indoor facility is ideal for focused swim lessons. Moreover, with the use of pool-side TV monitors and video cameras, our ability to give students instant visual feedback during their lesson is invaluable.  

 Rates vary for residents of Lake Forest and non-residents.  Contact for scheduling and cost information.  SwimLabs, 20918 Bake Pkwy, Suite 100, Lake Forest, CA.  Call 949.461.3450

Lake Forest CA Special Needs Program


Lake Forest’s Special Needs Program contributes to the growth and development of persons with developmental disabilities, and supports their families. The program serves participants of all ages.

The City partners with local businesses to bring our special needs community comprehensive programs designed to increase their opportunities to participate in community, recreation, leisure and cultural programs, as well as activities to build daily living skills. Programs and services help prepare persons who are disabled to become as socially, emotionally, and intellectually independent as possible. All classes are held in the City of Lake Forest. For more information including registration, schedule of events, and fees, check out the Leisure Times.

The City sponsors dances and other activities throughout the year.  Residents of other cities are welcome to participate.

Socials for Adults (16 and Up) with Autism & Their Caregivers


The Grandparent Autism Network, the Family Autism Network program, California State University Fullerton Center for Autism, the University of California Irvine and Chapman University collaborate to host cost-free Socials on each campus during the academic year. Students from all 3 universities volunteer at each event and faculty members and professional autism service providers attend to increase support for caregivers and students during the events. Information and registration for these socials are available online.

Colleges and universities everywhere can partner with community nonprofit or philanthropic groups to increase resources for underserved adults with autism and caregivers.   Socials provide new opportunities for community integration, especially for transition age youth, older adults and caregivers in the autism community.  Additional information about how to plan and host socials is available here

Top Flight Street Hockey League for Kids with Special needs

The Ducks’ Top Flight Street Hockey League serves 10-15 players each season. Located in Huntington Beach Inline on Friday nights during the fall, winter and spring. Free skills clinics are offered once a month during the summer months to keep players at the rink connected to the game. Players are paired with volunteer aides if they require extra assistance. Contact the Rinks-Huntington Beach Inline or go to for additional information.

Yoga at the Children’s Therapy Center, Garden Grove, CA


Inclusive yoga classes promote flexibility, strength, balance, posture and concentration for ages 5 and older.

VIP Soccer, Garden Grove, CA


AYSO Division for children with special needs.

Trips inc.


Trips Inc. provides all-inclusive vacation packages for traveler ages 16 and older with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Offers 1 chaperone for every 3 to 4 travelers. Average group size is 20. Chaperones are school teachers, counselors, residential care providers and other caring individuals. They are carefully screened and reviewed before and after every trip.

The Game, GUBS


This game is highly recommended by parents as one the whole family can enjoy. Games typically last 15-20 minutes. It encourages speaking and using imagination. Each game involves a new, unique imaginative story whose outcome is unknown. Each person’s turn is interesting because what happens may directly impact other players. Luck, skill and strategy are all involved in winning.

Available at and in stores.