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The Grandparent Autism Network, the Family Autism Network program, California State University Fullerton Center for Autism, the University of California Irvine and Chapman University collaborate to host cost-free Socials on each campus during the academic year. Students from all 3 universities volunteer at each event and faculty members and professional autism service providers attend to increase support for caregivers and students during the events. Socials provide new opportunities for community integration, especially for transition age youth, older adults and caregivers in the autism community. Colleges and universities everywhere can partner with community nonprofit or philanthropic groups to increase resources for underserved adults with autism and caregivers.   Go to Host a Social Anywhere  to learn how you can sponsor socials in your area.


Adults, ages 16 years and older, who live independently or at home with caregivers, are welcome to attend with their caregivers. Because space is limited, we are unable to accommodate siblings or adults living in group homes.  

No one under the age of 16 years old will be admitted.  

Caregivers accompanying guests are required to stay during the event.

Registration for the Winter Social scheduled for February 12, 2017 at University of California at Irvine will be available here in January.  If you have not attended our Socials and would like to receive invitations for future events, please email to us at info@faninfo.orgSee the flyer here.  Get driving directions.

Volunteers need to register on another page.  


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