Host a Social Anywhere


Socials can benefit adults with autism everywhere. After the age of 22, when they lose educational support, adults with autism typically become socially isolated and the potential for them to make new friendships significantly decreases. Socials bring new opportunities, especially for transition age youth, to develop friendships with others who share their interests.

In collaboration with community partners, the Family Autism Network hosts successful Socials for adults with autism (ages 16 years and up) and their caregivers. Partnerships with local universities, churches, non-profit organizations, philanthropic groups and businesses, have enabled all of the events to be cost-free for guests.

In order to encourage YOU to sponsor socials in your community, FAN is sharing a Social Tool Kit of resources to simplify everything needed for planning and sponsoring events. The tools have been developed by the Family Autism Network and former host organizations of socials. Mariners Church – Irvine and the faculties and students of Chapman University, California State University – Fullerton, and the University of California – Irvine, deserve special recognition for the many helpful resources they have contributed.

SOCIAL TOOL KIT (*These documents may be edited)