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Take Me Home

Designed to assist in the timely reunification of loved ones who may become displaced from their homes, the program can provide law enforcement crucial information about the registered person. Take Me Home is available to residents who live in the Sheriff’s Department 13 contract cities and unincorporated Orange County. The City of Irvine has their own program called Return Registry Program. Contact your local law enforcement agency to see if they have a comparable program in place.

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Links to Information on Individual Rights for People with Disabilities

This website has links to information about rights for people with disabilities provided by Disability Rights California.

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Voting Rights

Learn about accessibility rights and how to vote if you are housed in a facility or under conservatorship. Additional voting information on the website.

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Special Education Rights & Responsibilities

Learn how you can get valuable education for your child, how to report bullying and the special services you can request.

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Peer Self-Advocacy

Learn how to advocate for your rights, what questions to ask and what records to keep. Visit the website for more information.

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