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Autism@Work Playbook: Finding talent & Creating Employment Opportunities

This guide describes how firms established and sustain employment programs for people with autism. It describes best practices and models for hiring and onboarding practices for organizations to use to get their employment programs started.  You can view it here or download the guide.

Community College Options for Students with Disabilities in OC, CA

Students who are interested in taking general education and/or adaptive classes can find detailed enrollment information through the Disabled Students Programs and Services Office at the community college of their choice.  Go here for contact information

Teen Volunteer Opportunities in Orange County CA

The following local organizations offer volunteer opportunities for teens. Contact them to learn more about their programs and schedules:


The Friendship Circle

Lions Heart

Special Olympics Orange County

United Cerebral Palsy Orange County

Best Buddies

Fish for Life

Sandy Feet Sib Shops

Additional opportunities may be available at local YMCAs, Boys & Girls Clubs, churches, food banks and other organizations, especially those that serve youth or seniors.


A Guide for Keeping Your Child Safe

This guide helps families to create a plan for children on the Autism Spectrum to safely navigate at school, home, and in public.  It also provides information about preventing wandering and sexual safety.  Go here to view it.













Independent Education Plan (IEP) Strategy Guide

This guide is published by the State Council on Developmental Disabilities.  It provides strategies for IEP planning. View the guide here.