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Disability Awareness and Planning for Accessibility

This UK guide offers practical and useful tips, advice, and information to help plan and organize a safe and disabled-friendly event - including guidelines, best practices, and checklists to help prepare and improve event accessibility. This guide helps event planners understand their responsibilities and legal obligations when organizing any kind of event. Go here

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Makapo Keiki Krew: Inclusive Adaptive Paddling Program

An inclusive, adaptive outrigger paddling program to give children with special needs the opportunity to participate in a team sport alongside their siblings and friends. Located in Newport Beach, the program is open to youth ages 8 to 17 and is an inclusive program that can help to develop important skills in a fun-filled community of trained volunteers and licensed occupational therapists.

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Call 211 for Help

This 24 hour free assistance provides information about services such as assistance with Medi-Cal, food stamps, physical and mental health services and more. It helps connect caregivers to services. It is available in most states nationwide.

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Be Prepared! Helpful Disaster Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Many areas are subject to one or more forms of natural disasters. Depending on geographical location, these may include hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, wildfires, blizzards or floods. Most disasters offer limited time to prepare. That is why it is best to plan ahead of time, not only for you and your family, but for your pets as well.  Go here to see the guide.

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Special Needs Judo

Senshi Judo has just launched it's Special Needs Judo program! Open to all children (ages 5+) and adults with physical and mental disabilities, Senshi Judo offers 4 training sessions a week! Participants will learn modified self-defense in a small and safe learning environment, perfect for children who need one-on-one attention.

Call or email us today to start your free trial! Parents and siblings are welcome to participate in class to help alleviate first-time stress for beginner students.

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