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TASK Social Skills Groups: Ages 12 and Up

TECH Connection is TASK's social, life and communication skills groups for ages 12 and up. We meet the third Wednesday of each month at 4:00 pm in our Anaheim office. The program is FREE for all TASK members. Membership is only $35.00 per year, per family!

If you are interested in participating in either program, please contact Laura Simmons-Martinez at (866) 828-8275 or at Be sure to mention which program you are interested in.

Contact TASK to see if the program is still being offered. This was submitted February 2017.

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A basic understanding of disability etiquette can help make employees feel more comfortable when interacting with coworkers and supervisors with disabilities and can help prevent awkward situations. Good disability etiquette can also expand business opportunities and help organizations serve customers more effectively.

Disability etiquette refers to respectful communication and interaction with people who have disabilities.  The principles of disability etiquette are fairly simple. First and foremost, rely on common sense to guide your interactions with people with disabilities and behave in the same courteous and respectful way with individuals with disabilities that you would with anyone.

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Overview of Autism Spectrum Disorders Grad Certificate

ASU’s Graduate Certificate in autism spectrum disorders is ideal for educators, interventionists, psychologists, pathologists, behavior analysts, or family members who want to enhance their preparation for working with children and adults affected with autism spectrum disorders.

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Autism Glass Project

The Autism Glass Project seeks to provide a more immediate supplement to therapy by providing a mobile at-home therapeutic learning system, codesigned by children and families with autism, that can integrate seamlessly into their daily lives outside of the clinical setting.

Interested in participating?

We’re looking to recruit children who: ü are between the ages of 6-12 years old, ü have a clinical diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, ü and receive ABA therapy at least twice per week. Sounds like your child? Here are the next steps…

1. Let your agency know that you are interested in participating.
2. Visit to sign up.
3. Complete the Autism Glass screening and eligibility questionnaire at
4. Have questions? Email the Autism Glass team at or call them at 650-497-9214!

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Crescent Clinic Nonprofit offers FREE healthcare
FRI & SAT – DAYTIME Appointments ONLY.
Disability related counseling available Thursday evenings and Friday.
Parent group therapy will start on Thursday evenings in January. Appt or more info at 714-399-4572 or


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